Mants’ase Children’s Home provides protection and a loving, stable home environment for vulnerable children for as long as they need assistance and care,.

The reasons for their vulnerability are various and while we firmly believe children are best cared for within a family, we protect and care for those for whom this is not possible. Children shouldn't have to worry about where their next meal will come from, how they will pay for their education, or whether they will be abused.

Our Mission

Community Care

To foster the wellbeing of vulnerable children through their own families wherever possible.

Residential Care

To provide residential care for the duration of child placement where community care is not possible.


For the millions of children across Africa who have been orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS, the promise of the future lies in the compassionate response of families and community members taking action on their behalf.


Our History

In 1979 Father Maekane, a retired Anglican Priest, founded The Mophato oa Mants’ase Society, named for the Principal Chief of Taung who gave land for the Society’s projects. Mophato is the Sesotho word for a village where people come together for a special purpose; and the purpose of the Society is to operate as a charitable organization for the relief of destitute children of all ages. Specific objectives were also named: To foster destitute children’s well-being through their own families wherever possible; and to establish, develop, manage and run a project to house destitute children.

The first buildings were funded from the American Embassy Self-Help Fund and built by the founder of the Society, Father Patrick M. Maekane with the help of British IVS volunteer, Iliff Simey and 25 local women who were paid in clothing donated by Catholic Relief Services. The buildings were completed in late 1979 and the first child, a 10-year-old girl from a nearby village, was admitted in February 1980.

Father Maekane died peacefully on April 18, 1985.

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